The username and password are case sensitive. On occasion what happens, someone enters in their username or password incorrectly, and then clicks SAVE for their browser to save the information.

The browser then tries to connect with the site but the information was mistyped so it doesn’t work. Now the customer is not asked for the username/password again because they had previously saved an incorrect version. This leads to frustration as the customer is denied access.

How to fix this?

First – make sure you’re using the right user/pass. will give you your information once again.

Next – If you do think your browser might be the issue, test it by trying a different browser with the user/pass you confirmed as being correct in the first step.

If it is a browser issue, visit and there are insutructions as to how to clear your cache and fix the issue.


If it is not a browser issue, please be sure to read “403 Forbidden


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